Course Summary

This project is a follow up of the "Biomedical Issues of AIDS" course that the participating students attended in Fall of 2009. Students to explore a molecular structural view of the various immune system molecules and complexes, HIV related proteins and therapeutic interventions.

Students will start by learning the basics of protein and nucleic acid structures. Following this they will learn to use the PDB, its related resources and some visualization tools for viewing molecules from the PDB. Students will then select a topic of their interest for exploration - they will identify molecules related to the topic in the PDB, visualize, analyze and explore their structure function relationships and write an online report.

Through the semester students will also think about and come up with a proposal for using the molecular structural view of these topics to communicate issues about the disease and its treatment to general audiences. This goal will help students explore what they can do with the new perspective that they acquire during this research project.